Our Guarantee
We are a family owned business that was established in 1961. Our quality of service is what has kept us in business for over half a century. We treat our customers like family. We guarantee every customer leaves happy with our work and customer service to ensure they recommend us to their friends. Word of mouth referrals are how we have built our business over the years.


Our quality of service is what has kept us in business for over half a century.


Our Warranty

RVG warrants that any RVG-manufactured insulated glass unit shall be free of manufacturing defects including moisture accumulation in the air space for the following terms:


New Glass Fabrications

Metal Framed Units                                              years 1 & 2 – 100%                                years 3-5 prorated

Non-framed and/or offset units                    1 year  – 100%    year 2 –  RVG covers 50% owner 50%

New insulated glass units fabricated but installed by others       2 years

Single pieces of tempered glass                                                   n/a

 Cleaning & De-Fogging of existing glasses                            2 years    

This warranty covers only those manufacturing and material defects as specified herein and does not cover defects or damages attributable to improper installation by others, acts of God, pre-existing leaks, and glass breakage. Application of aftermarket tint film voids all warranty of glass performance. Warranty is to original purchaser and is non-transferable. RVG’s insulated glass warranty for RV’s brought to our shop for service includes frame removal, glass repair, and re-installation. For frames delivered to our shop for service, transport &/or shipping charges are the responsibility of the owner.


Prorated warranty fee portion, where applicable, shall be determined as follows:

Years 1 & 2            100% covered

Year 3                    RVG covers 60%, Owner 40%

Year 4                    RVG covers 40%, Owner 60%

Year 5                    RVG covers 20%, Owner 80%

Warranty services are provided only at our Greensboro N.C. location. Owners must provide proof of date of purchase in order to file a warranty claim. RVG’s liability under this warranty shall be limited to the repair or replacement of nonconforming glass parts, at RVG’s option. RVG shall not be responsible for incidental or consequential damages that may arise out of a claim for breach of this warranty.